[Marxism] Draft Bill Introduced to Congress - by two Democrats

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Wed Apr 28 22:12:23 MDT 2004

I didn't even find this anywhere in the news but here's an excerpt of a 
commentary in the LA Times referencing the fact. It must not have gotten 
past any subcommittees yet at this point, but it's out there.

Democrats...I probably hate them more than Republicans at this point.

April 28, 2004 	

Conscription Is the Wrong Prescription

By Michael O'Hanlon, Michael O'Hanlon is a senior fellow at Brookings 

As casualties have mounted in Iraq, and frequent call-ups of National 
Guard and reserve troops have placed unusual strains on the nation's 
citizen-soldiers, there has been a push to reinstate military 
conscription. Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ernest F. 
Hollings (D-S.C.) have introduced a bill that would restore the draft. 
And one of Congress' most respected military veterans, Sen. Chuck Hagel 
(R-Neb.), has called for a national debate on the idea.

(need to register to get in if you want to read the rest, which is just 
commentary though)


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