[Marxism] Lula throws promises as problems mount

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 28 23:28:17 MDT 2004

{Brazil's economy is bigger than the rest of South America's put
together.  Lula's election terrified the elites in Brazil --and in the
imperialist centers.  He had to placate the skittish bourgeoisie or they
would have pulled their capital out of the country.  He made all sorts
of feel/good will tours abroad, to Davos, etc.  He stayed on track with
the neoliberal agenda.  But now he's got to keep his promises to those
who elected him before they all pull their political "capital" out of
his Presidency and "take to the streets".  
     He is in a pickle.  He doesn't have the same sort of allegiance
from the military that Chavez has.  The Brazilian officer corps comes
out of the middle class which is relatively small, and therefore
relatively "higher" and thus suspect in a social revolution.  I note
that he proposes to double inductions into the army . . .  when there is
great unemployment.  That might be a move to secure more loyalty from
the rank and file of the armed forces when the shake-out comes, and come
it will.  Then he will have to decide what side he is on, and fight for
it against its declared enemies.  So far he's been playing a rather
adroit balancing act, playing for time, trying to corral what he can
before the storm, but the political winds are picking up.  TEMPUS
FUGIT.  --c.}

Lula throws Brazilians more promises as problems mount 

Alex Bellos in Rio de Janeiro
The Guardian, Wednesday April 28, 2004

The Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva, has begun a
media offensive to regain the political initiative after the most
troubled month of his leadership. 

With his approval rating in decline, federal workers on strike, a
corruption scandal involving his closest minister unfolding, rural
unrest sweeping the country and the economy paralysed,
pressure on the government is growing. 

Speaking to metalworkers in Sao Paulo Mr Da Silva answered
the criticism that his government had been ineffectual . . .

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