[Marxism] As Bush and Blair might say, Vietnam torture is history. Well, here's Iraq!

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Thu Apr 29 09:37:54 MDT 2004

Democratic Party candidate John Kerry has been attacked for claiming in the
early 1970s that there was evidence of widespread atrocities committed by
U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. Today we have visual evidence of on-going
atrocities in Iraq.

This may be the most important reason why the Guantanamo and other prisoners
(many hidden internationally) are not being made available to our court
system. Of course, such an claim isn't allowed to interrupt the decorum of
the present appeals to the U.S. courts regarding the Padilla, Hamdi, and
Guantanamo cases. This doesn't make it less true.

It will be interesting to see how much play this will get from the media and
how long it will last.

from Brian Shannon

American soldiers at a prison outside Baghdad have been accused of forcing
Iraqi prisoners into acts of sexual humiliation and other abuses in order to
make them talk, according to officials and others familiar with the charges.

The charges, first announced by the military in March, were documented by
photographs taken by guards inside the prison, but were not described in
detail until some of the pictures were made public.
"The pictures show Americans, men and women, in military uniforms, posing
with naked Iraqi prisoners," states a transcript of the program's script,
made available Wednesday night. "And in most of the pictures, the Americans
are laughing, posing, pointing or giving the camera a thumbs-up."

The CBS News program said the Army also had photographs showing a detainee
with wires attached to his genitals and another showing a dog attacking an
Iraqi prisoner. The program also reported that the Army's investigation of
the case included a statement from an Iraqi detainee who charges that a
translator hired to work at the prison raped a male juvenile prisoner.

At the Abu Ghraib prison, where the photographs were taken, American forces
have been holding hundreds of Iraqis since the American-led invasion of
Iraq. The prison is infamous as a site where Saddam Hussein tortured
prisoners while he was in power.
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Some disgusting pictures in the Sydney Morning Herald

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