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I think that there are points in time where "thought" has a power in and of 
itself.  A "force" so to speak.  Unfortunately it seems that oppression is it's 
predecessor.  I wonder what would happen if "thought" could take practicum as 
an "action" and not a "re" action?



Thought becomes a material force or action and reaction. The most basic 
reason or justification for the study of Marx theory is to have insight into the 
directional logic of society. The Marxist brand of communism claims - with 
substantial writings by Marx and Engels, to outline the generation direction of 
society and why society must move in a certain way, in contradistinction to a 
theory of society based on just the will of God. 

I do not fight God and I am not anticlerical. According to others I am a 
rigid dog-ass materialist and I do not dispute this. I am a hard nose materialist. 
Who I choose to pray to - even if it is Marx himself, is beyond discussion. 

Even those who believe and accept the will of God - which is no crime or 
rather sin, are challenged in real time to discuss why society behaves a certain 
way based on how we carry out our daily productive lives. In other words what 
is the context today in which the seven deadly sins manifest themselves? 

For example it is an axiom of the Marxist approach that when something 
fundamental to a process of production changes, everything dependent upon that which 
is fundamental, must in turn change . . . not all at one time, but slowly and 
surely as night replaces day.  This basic proposition is not disputed by most 
people with common sense, until we apply it to our productive life and then 
ask and fight over the actual direction of society. 

Marx wrote to the affect that the philosophers had only tried to understand 
the world on the basis of thought and stated the object is to change the world. 
Changing the world is wonderful but we are confronted with the question, "in 
what direction?" 

The beauty of the writing of Marx is that it provides a framework to 
understand the direction or directional logic of society. Changes in the mode of 
production or basically the technological regime in society, must in turn cause 
changes in how we are organized to engage the actual tools, instruments and 
material forces of production. For instance an industrial machine creates a class 
of industrial machinists, whose combination together is going to create a 
certain kind of general industrial logic. 

A computer is going to be connected with the emergence of a class of computer 
software programmers. A hammer and fire is going to be connected with the 
development of a "blacksmith." 

There are exceptions to the rule and we still have communities of the Amish 
and small groups of Mormons that have not lost their communist heritage, but 
society as a whole has a directional logic based in the "material power of the 
productive forces" or what is the same, "the mode of production" or the general 
technological regime. 

Our thinking within the framework of the direction of the development of the 
technological regime can become a powerful force if our ethics and decency is 
tightly riveted to the fight for the happiness of humanity. 

If you look around you it is impossible to not see the evolution of a 
desperate, poverty stricken and demoralized communist class of people. Can we turn 
our eyes and thoughts away from the decay in society and the utter wretchedness 
of the human heart. Can one pretend that this destitution is not man made? 

Our current conditions in America are not God ordained, but the result of 
real men, power, property, privilege and utter selflessness. "I will not fix all 
that I can fix in the world because it does not promise a return of material 
profit to me. If I give away my money I will become poor." 

The reason is that the way our productive life is organized is on the basis 
of profit making and he who does not make a profit is going to lose his money 
and become poor. 

The bourgeoisie is trapped to the same degree that the poor is trapped. What 
traps all of us is the form of property, that creates a circle of production - 
reproduction of things, which cannot take place unless it produces profit. 

Here is why the Marxist brand of communism call for a change in the form of 
property or ownership rights. 

Why does building a house for someone have to be on the basis of profits? 

Comrade, the reason the man of Nazareth threw fists against the money lenders 
in the Temple is very clear to me. The idea that He simply lectured people to 
death is outrageous. He turned over table in the Temple and struck people in 
their face. His rod and scepter was what you got hit with. 

Thought was converted into a series of actions. People forget our history and 
symbols of our history. The Romans did not send the debating society after 
the Man of Nazareth, but the damn army. 

Thought becomes a material force when it grips the masses. 

Then we learn about things like "the line of march" or the specific direction 
of society in this time frame. 

Stick around and do not be cowed. 

Communism is not the exclusive property of ideological Marxists. 

Peace Melvin P. 

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