[Marxism] Re: Alan Woods in Venezuela

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 29 16:22:56 MDT 2004

David Murray wrote:

>Perhaps Chavez is looking for alternatives to the current impasse. But what 
>is most obvious is that Chavez is paying more attention to a small 
>trotskyist grouping than it is to the sycophants, and gureilla romanticists 
>who laud 'Bolivarism' more than the 'Bolivarists'. A source of 
>dissapointment for many on this list.

Anybody who supports the constitutional process in Venezuela against U.S. 
pressure, threats, and "golpismo" is helping.  The more the supporters and 
the more intense, effective their support, the better.  No reason to pit 
some against others on this particular issue.

If anybody on this list were Hugo Chávez and had time to spare, I bet she'd 
try to meet for hours with each of these people to thank them personally and 
make them feel real good.  Particularly if they nicely asked her for a 
private meeting and had some measure of influence on people abroad.  Because 
they are really helping.

Anybody who is doing anything to change Bush's foreign policy on Latin 
America (including anybody who is trying to get Bush out of office) is 
helping.  It doesn't matter if their groups are enlightened or not -- big, 
small, or nonexistent .  Free-lancing individuals are welcome as well.  They 
are helping.  Big time.

As far as the Venezuelans are concerned, it's nice to know that they are 
reading a lot of books and listening to their supporters' feedback.  But for 
the most part, I think, the "alternative" to the current situation in 
Venezuela ("impasse" or whatever) will be based on the Venezuelans' own 
perceptions, conditions, and resources.  And that's the way it should be.

We should focus, not on deciding who is a better supporter of Venezuela, or 
who understands better the underlying dynamics of the process, but on 
hitting the hand of the U.S. imperialists as hard as we can -- with a big 
hammer -- so that they stop getting in the way of Venezuela's progress.

Our focus should be on showing the U.S. public (not only workers, but the 
broader public) the *obvious fact* that it is *not* in their interest 
(short-run and long-run interest) to have the government use their 
"hard-earned tax dollars" (I heard that expression from Rush Limbaugh) 
against the constitutional process in Venezuela.  We should show that, in 
fact, it is *against* their interest, short- and long-run.  This rotten 
foreign policy may be good for some special interests (and if), but it is 
absolutely contrary to the interest of the overwhelming majority of the U.S. 


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