[Marxism] re: Clueless in Caracas

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 29 16:47:01 MDT 2004

For all my criticisms of Trotskyism and the SWP(USA) I'd like to
second M. Junaid Alam's comments below. Yes, he does try to push
the Venezuelan square peg into the Trotskyist round hole, but his
tendency seems to be doing some genuine solidarity work in support
of the Bolivarian process. Otherwise, I'm sure Hugo Chavez wouldn't
have had time to talk with Alan Woods, and certainly not for the
record. This is all to Alan Woods' credit, and to Chavez' credit as
well, naturally. My main concern about Venezuela remains what kind 
of an organization Chavez has built or is building, so necessary 
in their volatile situation. Our job outside of Venezuela is first
of all to look, listen and learn, and while doing that, act firmly
in solidarity and in opposition to US intervention there.

Also I agree with the general thrust of Julio Huato's comments on
this which came just as I was preparing to send this off.

Walter Lippmann

I gathered a rather different impression from the Woods report, which 
I thought was actually quite clear, honest, informative and even 
inspiring. Granted, the man has his flaws in his doctrinaire outlook, 
but it must have taken some courage and conviction to speak forcefully 
and authoritatively in front of all those people, Venezuelan activists 
and foreign reps. alike.

Anyway, I think the important thing is that Woods' report confirms that 
Chavez is a true revolutionary fighter with real support and admiration 
from the downtrodden, who are obviously quite moved and inspired by what 
Chavez represents. It is heartening in times like these, where the 
forces in play are either Christian fundamentalism or Islamic 
fundamentalism, to see a new more hopeful front opening up against 
imperialism, in Latin America.

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