[Marxism] re: Clueless in Caracas

Nick Fredman sra at scu.edu.au
Thu Apr 29 20:03:31 MDT 2004

I'm glad Louis wrote

>I was referring mainly to the inability of Woods to think outside 
>the box. Rather than trying to figure out ways to build a Marxist 
>current *within* the Bolivarist movement, he is building the classic 
>sect as described by Hal Draper <

as it seemed he was suggesting that Marxist propaganda and education 
within Venuzuala was in itself sectarian. While I'd think, unlike 
Woods, that the *immediate* issue for the Venuzualan revolution isn't 
"socialism", which is a bit abstract, as opposed to building the mass 
organisations and pushing for economic and social measures that 
benefit the masses, at least his lot seems to want to engage with the 
movement leadership rather than denounce and overthrow it, and if he 
had changed his articles and cases a bit and said:

"The only guarantee of the future of the Bolivarian Revolution 
consists in the movement from below - the mass movement which, headed 
by the working class, must take power into its own hands. That 
demands the rapid construction of a revolutionary marxist current 
[rather than the Revolutionary Marxist Current], the most 
consistently revolutionary section of the movement"

I'd have to agree with him.

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