[Marxism] Re: Clueless in Caracas

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Apr 29 19:55:48 MDT 2004

Alan Woods (quoted by Louis):
"The only guarantee of the future of the Bolivarian Revolution consists 
in the movement from below – the mass movement which, headed by the 
working class, must take power into its own hands. That demands the 
rapid construction of the Revolutionary Marxist Current, the most 
consistently revolutionary section of the movement."

Funny, how in Britain, according to the same cde Woods, all that is
needed is for the Labour government to pass an 'Enabling Act' to
nationalise the top 200 companies.

Perhaps Chavez, who actually has the experience of a
counter-revolutionary coup or two, will set cde Woods straight.  


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