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> I'm glad Louis wrote
> >I was referring mainly to the inability of Woods to think outside 
> >the box. Rather than trying to figure out ways to build a Marxist 
> >current *within* the Bolivarist movement, he is building the classic sect
> >as described by Hal Draper <
> as it seemed he was suggesting that Marxist propaganda and education
> within Venuzuala was in itself sectarian. 

I hasten to say that my own approach is like that of Louis.  But I 
reply to Nick that Venezuelans, just like New Zealanders or 
Ukrainians, don't need anyone to "teach them Marxism" from somewhere 
in the Heaven of Revolutionaries. What they need is a group of 
dedicated and honest revolutionaries who believe that Marxism is not 
a dogma but a "guide for action", a method rather than a set of 
solutions, and who can work hand in hand with them against 
imperialism and its local allies.  This implies, for example, writing 
a truly revolutionary, a truly Latin American, a truly Marxist 
history of Venezuela, not as a _local demonstration_ of the validity 
of the thesis of the Wizard of Trier, but as a living truth that 
wells out from the richly endowed treasure of popular struggle there.

Woods and his likes, in fact, do the opposite. And that's where the 
problem lies. I am always fond of the sentence that García Márquez 
put in Bolívar's mouth in his "El general y la fiebre":  "Déjennos 
vivir nuestra propia Edad Media en paz" (which I guess can be roughly 
translated as "Let [foreign powers and foreigners in general] leave 
us in peace to live through our own Middle Ages"

Nobody is proposing a Latin American excepcionality here, because 
Latin Americans are part and parcel of the human kind.  But yes, 
every and each historic process has its own, particular and sometimes 
quite special peculiarities. Come to think of just a single point:  
while the British experience has been of a succesful bourgeois 
revolution which took the British bourgeoisie to full control of 
Ireland, Scotland and Wales (not to speak of Cornwall) and the 
preeminence of England _within the Islands_, and then to global 
Empire, the experience of Venezuelans is almost the oppossite: the 
most revolutionary and modern strata of the crumbling Spanish Empire 
were destroyed by the absence of a strong bourgeoisie, the mighty 
nation that they had in their minds torn asunder in dozens of 
unviable states, and provinces were turned into dependent "nations".

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