[Marxism] John Kerry and the minority vote

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The Black Commentator:
Let’s be clear about the choices available to American voters in 
November. History – most notably the historical weakness of the U.S. 
Left – has dealt the cards. Yet a fraction of those who claim to be 
progressives – misreading history and oblivious to the evidence of their 
senses – pretend that there is no overarching reason to do everything 
humanly possible to defeat George Bush in 2004. They claim there is “no 
difference” between the contenders: it’s Tweedledum Bush or Tweedledee 
Kerry, and “nothing will change” whether one wins or the other.

full: http://www.blackcommentator.com/87/87_cover_kerry.html


NY Times, April 30, 2004
Some Blacks and Hispanics Criticize Kerry on Outreach

PHILADELPHIA, April 29 — For weeks, Senator John Kerry savored a 
Democratic Party that was unified in rallying behind his presidential 
candidacy. But in recent days, influential black and Hispanic political 
leaders whom the campaign had counted on for support have been openly 
complaining that Mr. Kerry's organization lacks diversity and is failing 
to appeal directly to minority voters.

Even as Mr. Kerry spoke here on Thursday to the National Conference of 
Black Mayors — an appearance his community outreach team viewed as 
critical to building a network of minority support — two influential 
Latino leaders circulated harsh letters expressing concern about the 
campaign's dealings with minorities.

And in interviews over the last week, more than a dozen minority elected 
officials and political strategists voiced concerns about what they said 
was the dearth of representation in Mr. Kerry's inner circle and worried 
that he was taking black and Hispanic votes for granted.

"The reality is that we're entering May and the Kerry campaign has no 
message out there to the Hispanic community nor has there been any 
inkling of any reach-out effort in any state to the Hispanic electorate, 
at least with any perceivable sustainable strategy in mind," Alvaro 
Cifuentes, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee's Hispanic 
Caucus, said in an e-mail message to party leaders provided by a 
recipient who insisted on anonymity. "It is no secret that the word of 
mouth in the Beltway and beyond is not that he does not get it, it is 
that he does not care."

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/30/politics/campaign/30KERR.html


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