[Marxism] Drudge Report to the rescue - images hidden by the U.S. media

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Fri Apr 30 09:12:30 MDT 2004

The offensive Matt Drudge was interviewed on C-Span today. In his boldness,
he has referenced several of the Abu Ghraib torture pictures on his web
site: www.drudgereport.com. Drudge seemed puzzled that these images were
shown throughout Europe but not in the U.S. He thought that it was because
the Europeans were against American policy.

What Drudge overlooks is the role of the U.S. media in "protecting" the
American public from the truth. With a few exceptions, the U.S. media merely
describes the photos and doesn't show them. Many papers aren't even
describing the most offensive ones, and usually they are referred to as
"alleged" photos and "alleged atrocities," although their accuracy has been
verified by the U.S. General in charge of prosecuting the cases against the
U.S. soldiers.

Compare this behavior to the media's soul-searching when a spontaneous mob
mutilated and strung up the corpses of the civilian mercenaries in Falluja
last month. They all showed some version of this, going to great length to
explain precisely how they made their selection.

To reinforce our sympathy with the occupation and to enflame passion against
the Iraqi "terrorists," the U.S. media has shown the spontaneous outrage of
a mob, but refuses to show the behavior of the troops of the U.S. army of
occupation with a full chain of command in place. Many articles quote one
soldier who claims that he was being made a scapegoat and that he hadn't
been informed of the Geneva accord rules of war. Of course, no comparable
excuse was offered for the inflamed mob action in Falluja.

For me, "pride of place" for offensive pictures belongs to those images at
the opening of the Iraq war: the soldier carrying a half-naked Iraq child
across the street, another seated holding a crying child. They call upon us
to sympathize with their plight: "See what Saddam Hussein made me do! See
that our occupation is about carrying for the children. I don't kill--I hold
children to my breast! Ignore the thousands that we kill and maim and the
thousands made homeless. Ignore preventive war and foreign occupation.
Identify with us as Americans, for what we do is blessed."

from Brian Shannon


After I wrote the above, I came across these additional photos, like the
above, rated R by CBS for our protection:

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