[Marxism] The Jesus Factor

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 30 14:11:53 MDT 2004

Melvin,  I mean no disrespect.  AS I have stated before, I sent letters
of support and solidarity to religious dissenters imprisoned by the
state for their principled protests against the School of the Americas. 
I have unreserved admiration for their resistance and call them comrades
in our struggle.  One minister replied that he felt the same way,
despite our religious differences, and calls our alliance a prophetic
convergence.  Who knows what motivations emerge from one's personality
or social mileu present or past that drives one into action?  That act
in the real world is what counts.

Nonetheless, whatever utility we may regard as derived from historical
religious freedom fighters does not negate the argument that in the
context of materialism, religion is non sense.  "Their" spiritual
society is a castle in the air.  However, we should accomodate
liberation theology, as we should many other social liberation
ideologies and philosophies, because we must use all necessary means to
effect our ends.  This goes without saying, or it should by now, that
certain means that might seem presumptively effective actually
contradict our ends.

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