[Marxism] On being whole

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Apr 30 17:39:34 MDT 2004

Lanasnest at aol.com wrote:
>   If we were to look at a newborn, in it's perfection, most humans (who
> possess a heart) would cry out at it's perfection.  If the baby had only one
> leg...we would pity it at best...or toss it over a cliff, or in a dumpster at worst.
>  Why?  Because it wasn't "whole."  We are biologically and psychologically
> manufactured to "spit out" the maimed.

Lana, for heaven's sake, slow down. You have said on other posts that
you want to learn, but this sort of spontaneous spouting (and the
spontaneous is almost always the general -- capitalist -- culture
speaking _through_ you) is a barrier to ever learning anything. The
sentences above are perfect garbage. Millions of people have tended
carefully and lovingly to "defective" infants. And it is equally garbage
that "most people" cry out at the "perfection" of the newborn. I mean
really -- you are being silly.

And we are not "manufactured" in _any_ sense, to spit out or not spit
out anything.

As of now you do not have the remotest idea of what it means to think
historically. And it can't be learned easily or at once. But that is of
the essence of being a marxist, and the first step on the road to
thinking historically is to come to the realization that your whole life
has taught you nothing but the _anti-historical_ -- which is why your
spontaneous thought is always an expression of capitalist ideology. (By
ideology I mean "common sense" not subjected to historical critique.)


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