[Marxism] Whatever happened to the LMers ?

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sun Aug 1 08:38:33 MDT 2004

To my knowledge, the journal FRFI is published by the RCG, not the RCP. The
original Revolutionary Communist Tendency emerged as a split from the SWP I
think. Subsequently, if I remember correctly, there was a split between one
group (around David Yaffe) which formed the RCG and another (around people
like Mick Hume and Frank Furedi) which formed the RCP. I cannot recall
exactly what the split was about, but I think it had to do with questions
about "how to build an organisation" - if I remember correctly, David Yaffe
wanted to orient more to the CPGB, whereas other RCT people thought almost
all of the British Left was not worth mentioning, or relating to. There's
probably stuff on it in the archives (I am not an expert in British

My query is really about whether people should be morally condemned for
their life-changes or personalities, or whether one pays attention to them
in order to learn something from their experience, positively or
negatively - a human development perspective, if you like. Where you work
doesn't necessarily say very much about your political outlook, it might
just say something about your interests or competencies. I think you can
validly raise lifestyle questions in terms of their compatibility with
political beliefs, but what's important also is why those questions are
being raised.


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