[Marxism] Combative Wimps

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 1 08:47:03 MDT 2004

The Nation, magazine of the supposedly combative wimp, has an article titled 
'Combative Kerry'.  The author, John Nichols, is certainly a decent sort of 
guy, but it is hard to imagine a Leftist actually writing about Carter and 
Kerry as tough guys against Republcians, comabative even.  But this is just 
what Nichols does!

This article is pure delusion.  I see a different Kerry than Nichols saw.  I 
saw a wimp at the podium, who spoke through wimps like Nichols  himself and 
all The Nation's wimp crowd as almost as if they didn't even exist, and 
spoke in a pleading tone directly to the major power brokers.  Here's what I 
heard being said, as Kerry spoke throught the peasants in the audience, 
directly to the corporate owners of America...

I heard a Kerry saying that "Please, Jefes, Al deferred to your majority 
decision in favor of George and the RP in the 2000 election.  Don't make me 
do the same, because I can be a better manager for The Mmpire than George 
has been."  Now is that 'combative'?  I personally think it is pathetically 
servile, not combative.

What Nichols confuses as combativeness by Kerry, is actually nothing more 
than the desire of wimpish liberals like Nichols, that Kerry be combative.  
'Be combative for us wimps, John!  Oh please, we beg you to be so.'  But 
it's a con.  If the corporations think that George is still doing a bully 
job in their majority, John Kerry will fold up in a heartbeat, just as all 
the liberals did immediately post 9/11, as they came together in a unity 
fest with the Far Right.  It won't take much for a stupid repeat of the same 
I Love America hugfest to revive the same.

Liberals are wimps, and Kerry is the wimp of wimps.  If, as the Rightist 
saying goes, 'we get attacked on our soil' once more, Kerry and all the 
'combative' DP politicos will be 'all behind the President' once again.  
Heck, these wimps don't need Osama to knock a building or two over!  All 
they need is for Bush to tell the population that the US is under threat 
once again.

America, the gated community, will buy it.  They want to.  And that's just 
exactly like how The Nation wants to buy the idea that Kerry is 'combative'. 
  That's what happens when liberal wimps want change, yet only will bother 
to try to get it through a won vote for some Mr Goodbar in a system where 
the elections are totally rigged.

Tony Abdo

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