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Earth Institute News

Jobs Offshored for Cost Savings and Quality
Seventy percent of companies that outsource report increases in quality 
of work, Columbia survey finds

NEW YORK -- Forty-five companies known for sending work outside of their 
own employee base for completion, surveyed by the Earth Institute at 
Columbia University, show that 82 percent are currently outsourcing 
jobs, 79 percent to offshore businesses. The majority not only report 
finding competitive prices but better work skills than at home. Seventy 
percent of those who outsourced reported that the quality of outsourced 
business processes had increased between 5 to 25 percent.

Companies, including offshore pioneers such as General Electric, Nortel 
Networks and Citibank, found that actual cost savings, which remain the 
primary reason for outsourcing, were achieved by 67 percent of the 
companies to the tune of 5 to 50 percent.

“This is an enormously important phenomenon that needs to be better 
understood,” says Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute. “I’m 
very happy with my colleagues’ contributions.”



New and Improved Faculty & Staff Services Starting in Fall 2004

A combined team from Human Resources, the Controller’s Office, AIS, and 
Accenture Consulting is working on a multi-phased PeopleSoft project to 
implement new personnel, benefits, and payroll systems for Columbia.



Illinois moves to blacklist Accenture
The state comptroller cites the firm's offshore status

News Story by Dan Verton

JUNE 21, 2004 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Bermuda-based IT services vendor 
Accenture Ltd. is taking heat from Illinois lawmakers who want to 
prevent the company from receiving taxpayer-funded contracts. At issue 
is the offshore location of Accenture's headquarters.
At least four contracts awarded to Accenture have come under fire in the 
state, where legislators, local unions and the state's comptroller have 
attempted in recent weeks to block all payments to the company.

State Comptroller Dan Hynes has asked the Illinois Procurement Policy 
Board for guidance on his desire to block all payments on four Accenture 
contracts totaling more than $2 million. The five-member board voted 3-2 
on May 19 to send the issue to the board's legal adviser for review 
before making a recommendation. There is no word on when the board will 
make its decision.

However, Alan Henry, a spokesman for Hynes, said the comptroller 
believes that "he's in the right" on the issue and that the policy board 
doesn't have the power to force him to make payments to Accenture.

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