[Marxism] Nader-Supporters Hunting Season. . .

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Mon Aug 2 05:27:30 MDT 2004

New York Times, Monday, August 02, 2004


   ". . . we're coordinating with election lawyers in several states to
challenge Mr. Nader's ballot petitions. Their strategy, he said, is to try to
undercut Mr. Nader not only in swing states where he could make a difference
but in safe states, "to drain him of resources and force him to spend his time
and money."

". . . at the Democratic convention coordinating six or eight anti-Nader
groups. Calling themselves United Progressives for Victory, they are raising
money through an independent political committee known as a 527, named for the
section of the I.R.S. code that governs it, and are working with other 527's
that are already identifying sympathetic voters."

". . . is now preparing the computer model for finding the 2.8 million people
who voted for Mr. Nader in 2000 and might vote for him again."

You can also link to this article from our website.
Also, the New Jersey Nader/Camejo 2004 State-wide Coordinator, Carl Mayer has
release a media statement concerning the Democrats failure to stop Nader
petition efforts in New Jersey.


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