[Marxism] Whatever happened to the LMers ?

Jack Cade jack.cade at internet.com
Mon Aug 2 02:55:33 MDT 2004

> To my knowledge, the journal FRFI is published by the RCG, 
> not the RCP. The original Revolutionary Communist Tendency 
> emerged as a split from the SWP I think. Subsequently, if I 

	I think you are correct and while it is better to be accurate
what did it matter then or now? Judean Peoples' Front--Popular Front of
Judea. These groups seem to think that the differences and splits
between them are of principle or significance (maybe of
Bolshevik-Menshevik importance) when they were just a nuisance. They
(either one or both) had a habit of turning up at other peoples meetings
and 'prefacing their questions with a few remarks' (a process that took
so long it was an abuse of the meeting). The differences between 'Royal
Navy Captains' and 'Captains, Royal Navy' is more important. Plus some
of these sects were very small indeed. Even the 'News & Letters' mob
meets somewhere in London, discussing some text of Hegel or

> My query is really about whether people should be morally 
> condemned for their life-changes or personalities, or whether 
> one pays attention to them in order to learn something from 
> their experience, positively or negatively - a human 
> development perspective, if you like. Where you work doesn't 
> necessarily say very much about your political outlook, it 
> might just say something about your interests or 
> competencies. I think you can validly raise lifestyle 
> questions in terms of their compatibility with political 
> beliefs, but what's important also is why those questions are 
> being raised.

	There are plenty of examples of labour leaders or militants who
become absorbed by the system, later in life. By no means all of them
came from the right either. I feel that the main factor is lack of faith
in the working class, its creative power and revolutionary potential.
The right never believed in this and I think that those from the 'left'
who succumb never believed in it either, although they may have appeared
to do so.


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