[Marxism] Nader denined spot on CA from P & F Party

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Mon Aug 2 11:07:21 MDT 2004


  ...Of the 30 Peace and Freedom Party delegates who cast their votes
  Sunday, 17 voted for Peltier, eight voted for Nader and running mate
  Peter Camejo, and five voted for Socialist Party members Walt Brown and
  Mary Ellis Herbert...

 From David W.:
This comes on the heals of much lobbying by Peter Camejo to member of  
the State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party.  
Nader made a special appearance at the meetings.

The idea was that the Nader campaign could avoid all the ill-fated  
petitioning to get on the ballot by simply getting the endorsement of  
the socialist Peace and Freedom party, which recently re-obtained  
ballot status.

Some members of the State Central Committee were wondering if the  
Nader/Camejo slate would endorse the program of the P&F. The answer was  
no, they were running on their own program.

Earlier during California's primary, the candidates on the ballot for  
P&F were Peltier and Brown, Peltier winning hands down practically.

If Nader had entered the P&F primary earlier he could of won, or at  
least won the primary even though it's non-binding to the Convention of  
the P&F and he would of been in a better position to run but his focus  
at that time was on the Green Party.

David Walters

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