[Marxism] John Kerry "activists"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 2 12:37:28 MDT 2004

Not a day goes by without an ABB reference to Nader's use of paid 
petitioners. I guess this is supposed to prove that he is some kind of 
hypocrite or something. In my opinion, this is a function of Nader's 
inability to do contingency planning when the American realos were 
plotting to stab him in the back. Furthermore, it is doubtful that Nader 
will ever run again. If he does, I expect that people around him, 
especially Camejo, will provide input on how to build up a grass-roots 

That being said, I got a big laugh out of the 2 guys collecting money 
for John Kerry at the front gates of Columbia University. Since the two 
of them looked more like the kind of people who pass out Riteaid 
circulars than campaign volunteers, I asked them if that was the case. 
Were they being paid for their labor? They said yes. And this is in 
front of one of the most liberal universities in the Ivy League. Pathetic.


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