[Marxism] NY Times profile on Nader

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 2 12:47:36 MDT 2004

In case Marxmailistas don't know, Nader lost his chance
to get the Peace and Freedom Party nomination at their
convention this weekend. A friend of mine who was one 
of the delegates to the PFP convention explained what
happened a note to me reproduced below. The Nader and
Camejo forces are now petitioning. They need something
like 150,000 signatures to get on the California ballot.


There was 33 delegates but the total vote was 28. One had
to collect signatures and run in the primary to get on the
central committee. Unfortunately that was too much work for
quite a few people. Otherwise the outcome yesterday would
probably have been different.

The vote:

Peltier - 17
Nader - 7
Walt Brown - 4

I originally supported Peltier since there weren't any
other good candidates. Our primary, like those of the Demos
and Republicans, was preference only. The convention makes
the decision on the nominee.

I voted for Nader. I believe P&F missed a historic
opportunity to unite with disaffected Greens and Democrats,
as well as non-voters, to build a much larger progressive
movement in California.

Oh well...

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