[Marxism] Numbers question

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue Aug 3 15:27:31 MDT 2004

Thanks Mark, I was aware of those sites, but they don't give the exact data
I want, i.e. how many persons in total are paid-up members of the main
parties in the USA - Democrat, Republican, Green.

Normally, the European laws require that parties provide an annual report,
in which they report among other things how many members they have at a
balance date, and the membership dues paid in, etc. Either they must report
that to the parliament, or else they must report it to their members, being
an incorporated entity of some sort. But, I cannot find this kind of stuff
for the US.

In 1987, influenced by Ernesto Screpanti, I did a project on own account on
the "long waves" in memberships of political parties, collecting world data
for the 20th century (especially the CPs and SPs in the different countries)
and then plotting the data. Admittedly party membership data can be dodgy,
but the big changes (turning points) in history are clear and through more
detailed analysis of party composition you know which figures to use. You
could compute some different ratios, to illustrate the changes over time,
and get an overview of the trend, compare it with voting statistics, and so
on. This is just ABC of political science. I was hoping to be able to do
some quick calculations on US data, but I cannot find them anywhere.

In the US, a "political party" seems to mean that you have a candidate or
committee, and people gives them money, or work for them, but apart from
identifying with a political party, you don't actual join or belong to them.

The more facts I know about official US politics, the more it seems there is
only one good reason to be involved in it, namely money-making.


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