[Marxism] Numbers question

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue Aug 3 16:50:07 MDT 2004

Yes, okay... I did not understand this properly, because I thought that, by registering with a US electoral committee, you actually affiliated formally with a party, and that apart from this, you might still have some measures of the active political participation in parties of some sort. To me the American idea of democracy increasingly seems really weird  - it is as if the 20th century never happened. In the countries where I've lived, you have representative democracy, proportional representation and so on, you have laws requiring political accountability by parties, and state subsidisation of party-political activity to some extent. Therefore, all political tendencies with a minimum level of support have a realistic chance of a voice in government, and the parliamentary representation must reasonably reflect the actual distribution of votes cast.


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