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Ian Angus ianangus at socialisthistory.ca
Wed Aug 4 15:55:44 MDT 2004

New additions to the Socialist History Project website...

** THE 1931 CANADIAN COMMUNIST PARTY TRIAL. Seven articles, by 
Maurice Spector, Maurice Quarter and James P. Cannon, on the arrest 
and conviction of seven Canadian CP leaders for sedition, in 1931. 
The articles examine the roots of the state attack on the left, the 
need for a united defense, and the trial tactics of the defendants. 

** REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISM VS REFORMISM, an editorial from the first 
issue of the first Canadian Trotskyist newspaper, The Vanguard, in 

** A TRIBUTE TO MAURICE SPECTOR, written in 1968 by Ross Dowson.

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Ian Angus

Documenting the Revolutionary Socialist Tradition in Canada

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