[Marxism] Duverger's Law and proportional representation

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 5 09:34:46 MDT 2004

Juriaan writes: "(I do not have exact figures for the US, but basically
about half the voters have no political voice, either because they don't
vote, or because they did not vote for the winning candidate)."

I'm not meaning to pick on Juriaan, but I think comrades have a hard
time getting their heads wrapped around just how *depraved* it is to
call the U.S. political system "democratic" or analyze it in those

Let's not talk about "voters" as if it were some not very meaningful

To talk about "voters" is to automatically EXCLUDE the BIG majority of
the Latino population, which is 40 million people or more, the clear
majority of Blacks and other socalled "minorities"; the clear majority
of youth; the clear majority of working people.

The category "Voters" is the end result of a whole series of policies
and insitutions that systematically and with malice aforethought EXCLUDE
*our* class and *our* peoples from political rights. 

This is a *bourgeois* democracy that excludes the working class and
especially its most oppressed and exploited layers in almost an
archetypal, vulgar, class-reductionist sense. As a *bourgeois* democracy
it is the antithesis of REAL democracy, which would be democracy *for
the majority*, democracy for the toilers and the oppressed.

THREE FOURTHS of the population at the very least are unrepresented.
There is the majority that did not vote (and, yes, it WAS the majority
because the census bureau underestimated the population in 2000 by
several million, as the results of that year's census, which were not
known until 2001, showed) and then there was the majority of voters who
did not support George W. Bush. As well as the fact that Gore won, in
the old-fashioned sense of "winning an election," which is getting more
votes than the other guy, and that the Republicans stole the election by
having the Supreme Court prevent the counting of all votes in Florida.


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