[Marxism] Re: Nicaragua: The Revolution in 1985

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 5 12:18:40 MDT 2004

Tom O'Lincoln wrote:
> Sorry to break the news Lou, but in politics all sources are "biased".

I don't believe that at all. Somebody like George Black earned a 
reputation as a serious and conscientious leftwing scholar. Sectarian 
Trotskyist and Maoist formations are notorious for bending facts to 
serve ideology. I think that journals such as Latin American 
Perspectives or NACLA before it got taken over by liberal academics were 
quite trustworthy.

> That's why I tried to talk to as many different currents as I could,
> including workers at the factory gate. As for the Morenoites being
> ultraleft adventurists during the insurrection, why do you need to quote
> George Black at me when I've told you they said it themselves?

As I said, you are to be commended for seducing the truth out of them. 
That, however, does not validate their interpretations of Nicaraguan 


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