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(In Cuba they're very happy to have a voice from the 
United States to explain to Cubans what US politics in
the post 9/11 world is like, and beyond 9/11 as well...

(The author has a regular column in JUVENTU REBELDE and
here she reports to her Cuban readers about how Michael
Moore's movie was received in Bush's home town. Moore's
next plan is to be in Florida to film the voting this
fall. Thanks to Andree Kahlmorgan for this translation.)

July 30, 2004
The Heat of Fahrenheit
by Juana Carrasco Martin


Supporters and detractors were in Crawford, a small Texas
town of only 705 inhabitants that is sometimes the center
of the universe. It is the site of a 1200 acre ranch
belonging to a Mr. George W. Bush.

The commotion had much to do with degrees of Fahrenheit,
not because of the heat of summer but because of Michael
Moore's documentary that unmasks and ridicules the Bush
clan from the early stages of the family business with
another powerful family, the Bin Ladens.

Hundreds of neighbors from Crawford, residents of other
other nearby and not so nearby Texas towns and even a few
arrivals from Belgium, came to see the film that has so far
earned 100 million dollars. It was shown free of charge on
a giant outdoor screen. But the "emeritus" resident of the
this "White House" did not show his nose in spite of being
on vacation and having received a special invitation from
the director Michael Moore.

The film director was not there either having decided at
the last minute that the focus of the evening should not be
him and his differences with the head of state. He
preferred that Crawford see the documentary and consider
its content.

The reaction to the film has come swiftly, although to tell
the truth, it has not been reflected in the U.S. media
except for some small manifestations of those who insult

And so it happened: just as North American society today is
divided between those in favor of and against the war, Bush
supporters and the lovers of peace either booed or cheered
the projection of Fahrenheit 9/11. Strong opinions were
expressed next to the high school football field of
Crawford but in the end, nothing more than words were

Meanwhile, Moore announced a new project: He will take his
cameras to Florida on election day to "guarantee to every
Floridian that this year their vote will count". And the
whole world knows what he refers to: the tangled experience
of counting and recounting the votes during five weeks that
concluded when the Supreme Court declared W. the winner due
to a 537 vote advantage in the state governed by his little
brother Jeb Bush.

For many, it was the robbery of the year. We can't say
robbery of the century because it would be very pretentious
to say that when we are only at the dawn of the century and
this administration has shown that it still has great
potential in terms of cheating, plotting and criminality.

After the collective joke of that election year, the
adventures were repeated in 2002 for the government and the
Miami authorities -where else could the ideal crime take
place?-admitted that they lost the votes from the
Democratic primaries. The new voting machines, the same
ones that will be used this November 2, do not print proof
of having voted.

And if Michael Moore missed the screening of Fahrenheit
9/11 in Crawford, he does not want to overlook what could
happen in Miami in 2004.

Sardonic as always, Moore has quoted polls that suggest
that 40 percent of republicans have seen Fahrenheit 9/11
and recommend it to others. He is receiving six thousand
emails daily, many of them from non-voters, independents
and republicans and he considers them real votes against
Bush on November 2.

Could the lying conspiracy of the Bush administration be
defeated on that day?

The question floats in a rarified atmosphere that surrounds
the United States after four years of the Bush
administration, two wars -Afghanistan and Iraq- and no

Moore has openly declared that his goal is to get Bush out
of the White House, but just as in the film, the republican
team dissimulates, announcing new threats and raising fears
with alerts of all colors to fertilize terrorism and try to
postpone the elections-something that could literally be
taken as a new form of coup d'etat-and plots new dirty
campaign strategies and plays with emotions.

Bush is something more than the misled and foolish being
that did not react at the terrible announcement of
September 11, 2001 or the perennial vacationer that appears
in Fahrenheit 9/11. He is the public face of a fascistoid
group ready to maintain the power that money gives and only
for those that have money.


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