[Marxism] Nicaragua: The Revolution in 1985

andrew c pollack andypollack at juno.com
Thu Aug 5 18:23:09 MDT 2004

And now on Jose's ending point:
> And even the international Trotskyist movement of those days did not
> present a clear picture of what the problem was.

He's all too right on this.

I was active in Central America solidarity work for most of the 1980's,
in the SWP until 1983, and then sympathetic with the Mandel wing of the
FI. At no time did I see the kind of analysis presented by Jose, either
by the amateurish boosters or the supposedly more mature supporters.
Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but it certainly wasn't readily
available from those who should have been providing it.

Even after all this time it's saddening to read his account.  But it does
provide important information for orienting ourselves today.  (I'd be
curious by the way to hear what folks think of the kind of constructive
criticism given by the Grantites vis-a-vis the Bolivarian Revolution in

P.S. Has anyone had the stomach to read the last NACLA issue: "Beyond
Revolution: Nicaragua and El Salvador in a New Era"? Their issue on the
anniversary of the Chilean coup was so awful that I assumed -- I hope
incorrectly -- that this one would be more social-democratic drek and
didn't bother buying it.

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