[Marxism] Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 5 19:07:12 MDT 2004

Mark, it's just that maybe reading commentaries by David Corn and Naomi 
Klein have led me into this Anybody But Kerry camp?  Here's the latest David 
Cornball commentary from TomPaine.com 

I have now been 'reduced to madness' by liberals that write crap like the 
following, and then get taken seriously!  Eccentricity in the Defense of 
Liberty is no crime!

Now who the heck is this 'Postlewaithe' you mention, Mark?  He sounds like 
the founder of the Green Party, and not somebody calling for voting for Dick 
Cheney (as I have).  I just want a longer Dick leading us.  And having John 
Edwards in office would be a worse 'distraction' for Naomi Klein IMO.

Tony Abdo

Cornball on 'Commander Kerry'...
<<No sooner had Commander Kerry accomplished his mission in Boston—by 
presenting himself as a serious, smart, firm and sensible alternative to 
George W. Bush—the Bush campaign declared its intention to rip the former 
war-hero-turned-war-foe into small pieces.>>


In the middle-1820s, as Robert Owen was on his way to New Harmony, he
was approached by an Anglo-American eccentric named Edward Postlewaithe
Page.  He was dressed in green, introduced himself with a printed green
card, and called himself the "Page of Nature."  After a bit of polite
banter, his colorful visitor departed.

Owen turned to a companion and wondered if, in effect, their efforts to
confront the madness of the civilization had begun to reduce radicals to

Somehow, calls on the Marxism list to support the re-election of George
W. Bush recall the story.

Mark L.

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