[Marxism] re: Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 5 19:47:57 MDT 2004

The problem with the Bush-as-lesser-evil position, which I have had  a
chance to study somewhat because a version of this has been the position
of the Militant newspaper  since last September, is that it places its
proponents in the position of, in effect, rejecting the rejection by
millions of  Americans, including working people, of the current
government of US imperialism.  I have been for the rejection of every US
administration for the last forty years, and I have never supported the
other imperialist party.  Why should I change my mind just because a lot
of people, who have no answers to the problems yet, now agree with me --
for the first time in several decades -- in strongly rejecting the
current government of US imperialism.
Why tell people to renew the "mandate" of the present government?
Because you speculate that this government would be worse than  a Bush
second-term would be even though there is very little evidence to
support that claim, and all of it is speculative?  Or because you think
they will choose a better alternative if they are not allowed to choose
a Democrat this time? Will a second Bush administration not do the
bidding of US imperialism?  Will it not cut social services?  Can it be
guaranteed that they will be militarily weaker?  
The assumption seems to be that Kerry will be able to carry out the
policies that Bush has without running into the same problems.  What
reason is there to believe this? Because he is a Democrat?  Didn't help
LBJ, if I remember right.  Because Bush is "stupid."  In a couple years,
the left may be chortling over stories of what a dumbbell Kerry is?  It
really all depends on success.  If the rulers can win big victories at
home and abroad,  and reverse the economic deterioration, they can
reverse the beginnings of radicalization.
But its a tall order?  Is there any reason to assume that either Bush or
Kerry is up to the task?
The unpopularity of Bush is not primarily because of  his being a
Republican or having mediocre language skills, but because millions of
people through experience have begun to reject the reactionary, warlike,
antiworker, racist, etc. trajectory of US imperialism.  If Kerry follows
that course -- and his bid for the office is based on promising the
ruling class that he will continue it -- he will run into the same
The wide rejection of Bush is good for us, not a problem because most of
those who reject Bush assume that the available alternative is the
Democrat. (Were we expecting anything else).  I insist as before on
distinguishing between the antagonism to Bush in wide sections of the
population and the Anybody But Bush operation organized by sections of
the ruling class and the Democratic Party. I think we should identify
with the first and strongly oppose the second.  The antagonism to Bush
is part of the radicalization process, and part of a very initial rise
in class consciousness?
Yes, things will get worse for the next president, whether the next
president is a new, improved (for the ruling class) Bush or Kerry.  The
only thing that can modify that is the struggle.  And the strugglers
have to learn and will learn to go forward under Republicans or
Democrats, mainstream right-wingers or liberals.
Fred Feldman

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