[Marxism] re: Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 5 20:35:18 MDT 2004

Sorry, Mark and Fred, if my sarcasm about the Naomi Klein article that 
called for an ABB position has become taken as my real position.  Klein used 
the justification that Bush was dumbing us down, and because of that he had 
become a 'distraction' as her reason for becoming ABB!  I thought that was 
the most absurd of any reasons yet given for the ABB position.

Klein conceded that Kerry would be no different from Bush in essentials, 
except that debate amongst the American population would no longer be so 
absurd as it is now, and that good hearted people could then be able to 
discuss real issues once again in a saner manner.  The ABB crowd has been 
forced into these dumb, dumb, and dumber arguements due to the DP convention 
that just occurred.

My personal opinion is merely that the whole election is a distraction of 
sorts.  No escaping that, but there is no reason to waddle in the mud of 
this crap as the ABB camp does.  Here is what you had to say, Fred..

<<The wide rejection of Bush is good for us, not a problem because most of
those who reject Bush assume that the available alternative is the
Democrat. (Were we expecting anything else).  I insist as before on
distinguishing between the antagonism to Bush in wide sections of the
population and the Anybody But Bush operation organized by sections of
the ruling class and the Democratic Party. I think we should identify
with the first and strongly oppose the second.  The antagonism to Bush
is part of the radicalization process, and part of a very initial rise
in class consciousness?>>

Agreed somewhat, but I think the real gage of antagonism to The System is 
found not in the Vote Democrat part of the population, but rather in the Why 
Vote at All? sector.  This is a huge group, and many simply do not vote out 
of a realization that they are offered nothing by doing so. This is a real 
gage of allienation from The System much greater than the Let's Take Back 
America (by voting DP) stuff of Moore and other liberals.

What is necessary is to find a method of fusing a small percentage of the 
ABB crowd and a large percentage of the Who Care? grouping into a yet to be 
created Class Struggle-Anti Imperialist movement.  The Who Cares? people 
need more motivation, and the ABB people need some brains.

The majority of the ABB gung hoers are always going to be truly clueless, 
because they will always believe in apple pie know matter what is going on 
in the real world.  They are just as big of mushhead as the Christian 
mullahs always are.  Most of future US Left success can only come about by 
motivating the currently unmotivated, rather than changing the mind of 
liberal Kerenskyites who think that change will come about by winning the 

Tony Abdo

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