[Marxism] Re: Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber (reply to Steve Gabosch)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 6 06:45:25 MDT 2004

Well, we are all entitled to our opinions and interpretations, as Steve
says.  In that sense, we are  in a better position than most members of
the SWP today, who have to choose between the risks of  voicing
differences and carrying on work in industry which sometimes leads to
modest successes such as the miners' strike in Utah and, a couple of
years ago, the organizing drive at a meatpacking plant in the Twin
The SWP, as I have noted frequently before, has its own candidates for
president and vice-president, Roger Calero and Arrin Hawkins.  The
purpose of the campaign is to win radicalizing youth to the party and to
getting jobs in places where the party has or wants to establish
That is because the party 's industrial fractions are, of course, not
self-supporting in terms of recruitment.   This is also true of other
groups that have an orientation toward industrial workers, such as
The Militant's line of presenting Kerry as the greater evil in the
elections takes place within the framework of endorsing and publicizing
the party's candidates.  The Militant, as I read it, clearly and
unmistakably presents Kerry as the main enemy.  They concentrate almost
all fire on him and the Democrats to the extent of presenting Kerry as
though he were already "emperor."  At the same time, they insist that
his campaign is already finished and Bush is a shoo-in.  Go figure.
Yes, I have been following the development of this bias for a year.  I
was quite shocked to see it appear, and actually suspected that it might
be reversed or contained but no such luck.  The central leadership is
clearly on a new course again, to be revealed in full when the cadre are
held "ready" to receive instructions to "internalize"  the new course.
It is certainly a strange new course, and I don't blame anybody for
failing to see it or being in denial about it.  But it is there for
sure, and I think it is slowly becoming apparent to others who pay
attention to the Militant, not just myself.
One note on the article I cited earlier in last week's Militant, was the
denunciation of Teresa Heinz Kerry for responding harshly to a reporter,
reflecting what the Militant called the "coarse and despairing tone" of
the Democratic convention.  In the coarseness department, the Militant
made no reference  to Vice President Dick Cheney's advice to a
congressman to fuck himself.  That is because the Militant has placed
coarseness under discipline to be an exclusively  Democratic trait this
The Militant insists, without much or even any evidence at this point,
that the Kerry campaign is disintegrating along the lines of the Dukakis
campaign in 1988, which basically fell off the radar within weeks of the
convention. The Dukakis parallel is understandably quite popular among
the right-wing news and commentary magazines, who prefer it to parallels
with the 1992 Clinton campaign against Bush the Elder  which they
expected to fall apart but didn't. 
By the way, the Militant's constant references to "coarseness" as a
shocking!  shocking! trend in US capitalist politics makes me wonder
where they have been for the last 200 years.  
I think Teresa Heinz Kerry may be becoming the target of a right-wing
anti-woman campaign along the lines of earlier campaigns against Hilary
Clinton.  The fact that she is a billionaire, a class enemy, and, what
is worse from the Militant's point of view, a liberal should not deter
us from completely rejecting any such campaign.
Fred Feldman

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