[Marxism] Wild Oats Stifles IWW Union Drive

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 6 10:06:50 MDT 2004

Charlie Parks <jcparks5550 at hotmail.com> wrote:>I came across this article in an anarchist listserv (A-Infos), though I'm 
>not sure where it was originally published. It should be of equal interest 
>to Marxists, since it attests some signs of life, however weak, from the 
>Wobblies, America's original radical alternative to the AFL-CIO's 
>ever-more-corporatized unions.

The IWW has been involved in sevral job site organizing campaigns, with some success in the last few years. Apparantly those in the IWW who feel the organization should act like an actual union rather than just a place for unaffiliated anarchists to chill, are  the dominant tendency of the IWW.


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