[Marxism] re: Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, ...

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Fri Aug 6 15:59:15 MDT 2004

MLause> Radicals calling for a lesser-evil vote for Bush is, alas, not that
> far-fetched.  Some people on the Nader list have argued this in all
> seriousness because of their understandably intense anger with the
> Democratic revival of Tammany tactics in screwing with the third party
> movement generally.

Scotlive> I agree that it isn't so far-fetched but for different reasons
than to merely
> punish the Democrats and their campaign methods. If you believe that
> oppression breeds resistance, then another 4 years of Bush will inevitably
lead to
> more awareness, consciousness and ultimately resistance to US imperialism
> domestically and internationally. Domestically, the deficit will increase,
> as the economy contracts social and welfare programs will continue to be
> attacked, resulting in more poverty and crime, resulting in the continuing
> towards a police state, resulting in hopefully more people moving towards
> socialism and a committment to revolutionary struggle and social change,
rather than
> just political change.
> Internationally, as the Iraqi resistance continues to hold the line,
> oppressed peoples around the world will become emboldened and inspired
(especially the
> Palestinians). Given that the US military will continue to be
> other potential targets of US aggression - Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria
and N.
> Korea - will be safer than before. It is even likely that the Bush
> administration will back down from and abandon their bellicose rhetoric
and militarism
> in each case.
> If not then hopefully, at some stage, one or more of the OPEC nations
> to Iran and/or Venezuela) will change their reserve currency from the
> to the Euro and help plunge the US economy into freefall.
> And, finally, within an increasingly beleagured and demoralized US
> discontent will surely increase, resulting in increasing incidents of
> and dissent, providing fine fodder for militant struggle at home.
> Not a bad scenario indeed, wouldn't you say?
Very much so. For similar reasons, the defeat of Blair's New Labour by the
Conservative Party in Britain should be the option real socialists should
opt for.

Who is more sinister, the politician who helps late capitalism on the route
to its eventual destruction, or the one who grants it a temporary lease of
life by new packaging?


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