[Marxism] Tariq Ali on the US election

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 6 19:13:48 MDT 2004

Ian Pace wrote:
> Just playing devil's advocate here - Blair has fought five wars in seven
> years of being prime minister. While those in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq
> Mark 1, and to some extent Afghanistan didn't elicit widespread protest, the
> Iraq war produced the largest anti-war protest in living memory. Couldn't a
> similar thing happen under Kerry (as we live in times of a certain modestly
> heightened geopolitical consciousness than was the case through that
> dreadful decade of the 1990s, the Clinton era)?

Who knows. Maybe the protests against Kerry will be even bigger than 
those against Bush. That was one of the factors in the 1960s 
radicalization--disillusionment with the "peace" president who then made 
war (of course Kerry has promised more war). The main point really is 
about class. You are crossing class lines when you urge a vote for 
Kerry. It is like crossing a picket line. The Democrats have a much 
bloodier history than the Labor Party in Britain could ever aspire to. 
At least the left Laborites stood up to Blair. In the USA the Democrats 
gave Bush 18 standing ovations during his speech calling for war against 
the Iraqi people. We need to break with these bourgeois parties. Period.

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