[Marxism] Tariq Ali on the US election

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We need to break with these bourgeois parties. Period.

This about sums it up. I look forward to a day when we don't even have such 
debates, when we are able to view both parties as two sides of the same coin. 
For the first time I find myself disagreeing with Tariq Ali. The post pointing 
out the damage wrought by the Clinton administration is absolutely right. It 
was under his admin that most of the damage was done by the sanctions and 
repeated bombings over the so-called no-fly zones in Iraq. It was under his admin 
that we saw the final break-up of Yugoslavia and aerial bombardment of 
Belgrade. It was under his admin that the Helms-Burton Act was implemented against 
Cuba, that a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan, later found to have been 
producing nothing more deadly than baby milk, was bombed.

Kerry has made it clear that if elected he will continue to prosecute the war 
in Iraq, only in a different way. He, as yet, has made no committment toa US 
withdrawal. If anything he means to see it through. The only way the 
occupation will end is through a military victory for the resistance and the removal 
and replacement of the present puppet government by one which reflects the 
aspirations of the Iraqi people. The loss of life thus far has been horrendous. It 
was horrendous under the Clinton administration too. There is no reason to 
think it will be any different under a Kerry adminstration.


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