[Marxism] Tariq Ali on the US election

Jack F. Vogel jfv at bluesong.NET
Sat Aug 7 04:11:40 MDT 2004

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 09:13:48PM -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
> ... In the USA the Democrats
> gave Bush 18 standing ovations during his speech calling for war against 
> the Iraqi people. We need to break with these bourgeois parties. Period.
Indeed, its funny, I happen to be reading Chomsky, "Necessary Illusions"
when I ran across this gem:

	Other Western democracies are generally a few steps behind
	in these respects. Most have not yet achieved the U.S. system
	of one political party, with two factions controlled by
	shifting segments of the business community. (p.22)

Not bourgeois 'parties' the plurality is the illusion, its just two
factions. Funny how Chomsky seems to have forgotten this in this
ABB hoopla.



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