[Marxism] Class Struggle in China

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Sat Aug 7 05:34:59 MDT 2004

Farmers' Rising Anger Erupts in China Village: Land Seizures, Stagnation
Fuel Unrest

By Philip P. Pan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, August 7, 2004; Page A01

SHIJIAHE, China -- Hundreds of police stormed this village in central China
before dawn last Saturday and fired rubber bullets into large crowds of
unarmed farmers who had threatened a protest in the provincial capital,
injuring dozens in one of the most violent clashes known to have taken place
in the Chinese countryside in recent years.

More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A46778-2004Aug6.html

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