[Marxism] Grantite's in Venezuela

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sat Aug 7 11:24:01 MDT 2004

>Pablo's liquidation into the Algerian NLF bears no actual resemblance to
the Grantite work in Venezuela

This is another fake-Trotskyite smear which doesn't belong on this list, in
my view. Michel Raptis (alias Michel Pablo)  never "liquidated" himself into
the Algerian national liberation movement. This is just total gobbledygook.

The main thing about Raptis was that he sought to actively support real
anti-imperialist and revolutionary movements with money and practical
support (he spent time in jail for it), in contrast to the sects, who wanted
to tell other countries how to run their politics from a writing desk
located faraway from the scene.

About 99% of the stories put about by British and American Trotskyite sects
about Raptis and the Fourth International are poisonous forgeries,
fabrications and straightout lies. In this sense, they are identical to the
Stalinist forgers of history.

These people mostly don't know anything about the real history of the Fourth
International, and insofar as they do bother to inform themselves about the
true facts, they systematically misrepresent and falsify what really
happened, in line with their prejudices. Their understanding of history is
limited to a superstitious, paranoid theology of demons, goblins, and

They impute a world-historical importance to specific tactics which were
adopted for some time, and then changed - even so, the sects cannot even
describe accurately what those tactics were and what the context really was.
Of course, it is precisely in the nature of sects to lack a genuine
historical consciousness, and perpetuate a version of history which suits
their own dogmas and prejudices.

For a more level-headed historical account of the Fourth International, see
e.g. Francois Moreau, "Combats et debats de la Quatrieme Internationale".
The bulk of the British sects of course don't even read French, so what do
they know.

One hopes that one day there will be a good objective biography of Michel
Raptis, in order to correct the endless, dreary lies and falsification of
the sects. Meantime, one can only rejoice at the dying-out of more and more
of the sects. Good riddance.


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