[Marxism] Re: Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, and

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 7 12:02:42 MDT 2004

Walter has hit upon what the election now is truly about.

<<There are elements among the ruling class in the United States
who feel that Bush's aggressive and unilateralist policies are
a threat to the entire applecart of capitalism. These elements,
such as George Soros and others, are campaigning actively for
the defeat of Bush. They have a problem in that they are not
used to having to fight in this political way, and also their
candidate, John Kerry, isn't fighting very hard to demonstrate
reasons for voters to clearly differentiate himself from Bush. >>

While there is no reason to urge people to favor voting for either Bush as a 
better 'choice' or Kerry as being that 'choice', the Soros for Kerry 
position is probably correct. The section of the American ruling class that 
believes that the elites favoring Bush have chosen an incompetent buffoon 
(and an incompetent team of buffoons) to guide The Empire certainly seem to 
have truth on their side.  They are supported in their convictions by the 
European elites, too.  They also favor Kerry because they believe that 
Bush's policies are endangering world capitalist rule.  This is a truer 
picture of reality than an idealistic (US liberal) faith that getting Bush 
out makes everything better for the world.

Any observer of the 'election' process should also be clearly cognizant that 
the 2 camps represent different regions, and different sections of American 
capital.  And Bush is clearly the camp for the mindless corruption and 
incompetence of oil, military, religion, medical insurance and hospital 
fraudeteers, and other such ilk of the parasite classes on top of us all. 
They are too busy looting to worry their pretty little minds regarding the 
overall ongoing strength of their world empires.  Bush represents the monied 
mafiosos, and their only ability is with guns and torture equipment and 
techniques. Texas is the logical center for their operations.

Tony Abdo

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