[Marxism] Re: Vote Bush, because Kerry is Making the Liberals Dumb, Dumb, ...

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Sat Aug 7 14:16:44 MDT 2004


I agree completely with both you and Walter. The battle for the US election 
is a battle between two sections of the same ruling class. As Bush's policies 
continue to flounder against massive and sustained Iraqi resistance, alarm and 
disdain has spread among those, such as George Soros, who see their economic 
and class interests threatened. Just as the slavocracy and industrial magnates 
squared off in the civil war, you can see a north-south divide in the US 
ruling class today. In simple terms there is a southern oil aristocracy which 
requires ever new and cheaper sources of oil vying for control against the banks 
and financial institutions which rely on stability and the confidence of 
investors and borrowers. Bush. The faction of the ruling class behind this president 
see the way forward as control of the world's energy reserves, either directly 
through supply or indirectly through prices, along with the concomitant 
growth in the military industrial complex. This approach is antithetical to the 
interests of the financial institutions and banks which, as I said, require 
stable international money markets. 



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