[Marxism] Re: Grantite's in Venezuela

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Sat Aug 7 20:48:13 MDT 2004

I agree with much of what Ilyenkova states. The CMI (Committee for a Marxist 
International, the Grantite international current as it's formally called) has 
generally a perspective in Venezuela I approve of, at least from what I've read.

They do, however, state clearly that the future of the Venezuelan Revolution 
lies in building "their" current not with Chavez. This runs throughout both 
Woods statements and from their political articles from Marxist.com.

My only real objection to what they are doing is their "Hands Off Venezuala" 
campaign, or rather an aspect of it, I agree with the politics of it. I've also 
signed or endorses this but I think they appear to have little experience in 
building a united front campaign. The bottom of their home page has links only 
their curents (or 'sects' in some people's terminology). Most of the articles 
come from CMI writers and it has the appearance of being an appendenge of the 
Marxist.com/CMI web site. This is not how to build a united front, in my 
experience... and what's needed is a real united front to defend the gains of 
the Venezuelan revolution.


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