[Marxism] The Kerry's (?) and the Right of Return...

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Mon Aug 9 11:07:03 MDT 2004

>Question: if both John Kerry's paternal grandparents were Jewish, whence the
>name Kerry?  What names did these grandparents carry? (oops, sorry...)
>Dan Elliott

John Kerry has Jewish roots -- who knew?
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Two of Kerry's grandparents were Jewish, it turns out.

Kerry, who is a practicing Catholic, said he has known for 15 years 
that his paternal grandmother was Jewish, but had unsuccessfully 
searched for news of his paternal grandfather's roots.

However, a genealogist hired by the Boston Globe found that Kerry's 
grandfather was born to a Jewish family in a small town in the Czech 

"This is incredible stuff," Kerry told the Globe. "I think it is more 
than interesting. It is a revelation."

The records show that his grandfather, Frederick Kerry, was born as 
Fritz Kohn. He changed his name to Kerry in 1902, immigrated to the 
United States in 1905 -- and committed suicide in a Boston hotel in 


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