[Marxism] Kerry versus Nader on the Mideast

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"The Cause of Israel is the Cause of America"

My first trip to Israel made real for me all I'd believed about Israel.

I was allowed to fly an air force jet from the Ovda Airbase. It was then 
that Israeli insecurity about narrow borders became very real to me. In 
a matter of minutes, I came close to violating the airspace of Egypt, 
Jordan, and Syria. From that moment on, I felt as Israelis do: The 
promise of peace must be secure before the Promised Land is secure on a 
thin margin of land.

Back on the ground on that first trip, I toured the country from Kibbutz 
Mizgav Am to Masada to the Golan. I stood in the very shelter in a 
kibbutz in the north where children were attacked and I looked at 
launching sites and impact zones for Katousha rockets. I was enthralled 
by Tel Aviv, moved by Jerusalem and inspired by by standing above 
Capernaum, looking out over the Sea of Galilee, where I read aloud the 
Sermon on The Mount. I met people of stunning commitment, who honestly 
and vigorously debated the issues as I watched and listened intently. I 
went as a friend by conviction; I returned a friend at the deepest 
personal level.

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/kerry02172004.html


Nader Writes to the Anti-Defamation League on the Israeli-Palestinian 

Dear Mr. Foxman:

How nice to hear your views. Years ago, fresh out of law school, I was 
reading your clear writings against bigotry and discrimination. Your 
charter has always been to advance civil liberties and free speech in 
our country by and for all ethnic and religious groups. These days all 
freedom-loving people have much work to do.

As you know there is far more freedom in the media, in town squares and 
among citizens, soldiers, elected representatives and academicians in 
Israel to debate and discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than there 
is in the United States. Israelis of all backgrounds have made this point.

Do you agree and if so, what is your explanation for such a difference?

About half of the Israeli people over the years have disagreed with the 
present Israeli government’s policies toward the Palestinian people. 
Included in this number is the broad and deep Israeli peace movement 
which mobilized about 120,000 people in a Tel Aviv square recently.

Do you agree with their policies and strategy for a peaceful settlement 
between Israelis and Palestinians? Or do you agree with the House 
Resolution 460 in Congress signed by 407 members of the House to support 
the Prime Minister’s proposal? See attachment re the omission of any 
reference to a viable Palestinian state – generally considered by both 
Israelis and Palestinians, including those who have worked out accords 
together, to be a sine qua non for a settlement of this resolvable 
conflict – a point supported by over two-thirds of Americans of the 
Jewish faith. Would such a reasonable resolution ever pass the Congress? 
For more information on the growing pro-peace movements among the 
American Jewish Community see: Ester Kaplan, “The Jewish Divide on 
Israel,” The Nation, June 24, 2004.

full: http://votenader.org/why_ralph/index.php?cid=119


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