[Marxism] "We must defend Socialist China" -- WWP statement

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Tue Aug 10 12:02:09 MDT 2004

As I read thru that article, several things caught my eye:

  "North Korea's first dynastic leader, Kim Il-sung, may have been
   installed by Josef Stalin, and the unparalleled growth of the Kim
   personality cult may have far exceeded what even Stalin could
   imagine, but it was China that reclaimed the North for Kim Il-sung,
   prolonging the Korean War for two years in the process."

I've only seen a few documentaries on the Korean War, but this line
reeks of a setup.

All this Stalin bullshit is flimflam, red-baiting.  Let's not forget
McArthur shepharding the puppet president of S.K. to his throne, his
arms around the tiny figure, as if he was a god sheparding a king to
his throne, totally enthralled by his own sense of destiny.

China extended the Korean war two years?  The war was "prolonged" when
the UN forces attempted to continue north past the original border,
making some of the worse military mistakes of the century, yelling
about taking the war to China, but coining such phrases as "bug out."

Oh, and the North Korean forces which nearly wiped out S.K. and UN
before they also outran their supply lines, had nothing to do with
driving the UN forces back south to the current lines?

  "If nothing else, China's apparently politically motivated revision
   of local history may prompt Korean academics throughout the
   peninsula, North and South, to pool their resources and work
   together. While North Korea remains uncharacteristically mute,
   South Korean politicians and scholars are hoping they can turn this
   into an opportunity for the two Koreas to join forces. They could
   forge a meaningful, mutually beneficial intra-Korean initiative
   that isn't predicated on South Korea's traditional blank-check
   policies of rapprochement and turning a blind eye to Pyongyang's
   repression of its people."

Yes, China is a rising imperialist power and the Koreas better forge
an alliance against them!  Maybe they'll stop being so mean to the
U.S. and Japan and giving China so much leeway.  Surely they treasure
the academic integrity of their historical research enough to
understand the political motivation behind China's actions, which
should be taken as an indicator of China's imperialist intent.

 "The Koguryo Kingdom issue may change that and South Korea may
 demonstrate some backbone."

Fuck you, whitey.

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