[Marxism] Re: Wal-Mart Democracy

Akif Akalin akifakalin at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 13:02:04 MDT 2004

I worked for Tim Hortons when I immigrated to Canada 2 years ago. I
asked my colleagues about union. They were so terrified. They didn't
want to talk to me. They thought I was an agent of Tim Hortons. Two
months later we got to know each other and they told me that talking
about unionization is very dangerous in Canada. So many companies
closed because of unionization. They told me that I shouldn't talk
about unionization if I needed my job. 

There are unions in Canada. Teachers and nurses have their own unions.
However, they cannot use their weapon of going strike. We have seen
what happened recently in Brirish Colombia and Newfoundland when they
tried to go strike.  And, there is no union in low-wage jobs most
people work. 

I think that it is "the end of civilization", and we will need to
reread Uncle Tom's Cabin again. We need its 21th century version.

Dr. M. Akif Akalin

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