[Marxism] Re: Quoting Winston Churchill

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Aug 10 20:06:40 MDT 2004

An appropriate quote could have come from Frederick Douglass or Debs 
and hundreds of others.

Regarding tone, which is what this is about, Camejo does a lot of this 
too. It is hard to overlook his past pandering to Bustamonte and 
others. Fortunately he seems to have certain political positions beyond 
which he will not go. And I agree that it is important to present 
radical ideas without appearing like a "nut."

SEE BELOW: Why not Governor Schwarzenegger instead of "Arnold." And why 
the advisory tone? Who wants "Arnold" to "gain politically"? And for 
God's sake, the praise of "when he makes a deal, he keeps his side of 
it"! What is that about? It is of course completely unnecessary. 
Radicals should address their supporters, not their political opponents 
or the media.

The selection below concerns drivers licenses for non-citizens.

But supporters of the bill say it's not that simple because 
California's economy is tied to jobs that are held by illegal 
residents. Peter Camejo, who is Ralph Nader's running mate on the 
Independent presidential ticket, says Schwarzenegger should do "the 
right thing."

"I think Arnold would actually gain politically. Because what I think 
it would show is, he's thinking independently. And when he makes a 
deal, he keeps his side of it," Camejo said.

from Brian Shannon

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