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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 10 20:51:55 MDT 2004

Some people on the political left instinctively recoil
on hearing the name Winston Churchill. Of course as a
political figure, Churchill was an extreme reactionary.

But he had some redeeming traits. For one thing, he was
a renowned admirer of Cuban cigars. He was said to have
smoked nine of them daily. Also, in Cuba today Churchill
is remembered in a fond manner, and they make a point of
telling everyone he had stayed at the Hotel Nacional.

One of Churchill's most famous sayings, and which I've
loved ever since I discovered it, is one which we ought
to pay close attention to among political leftists in
the so-called "advanced" capitalist countries where it 
is often more a propos than many may be aware. It was:


I don't know if this one of his famous sayings is widely 
known in Cuba, but they are living proof of the validity 
of it. If Cuba tried to live up to the perfectionistic 
expectations of many on the left who find its politics 
and institutions not up to their standards, Cuba's
Revolution would have long since been overthrown by 
its hostile neighbor to the north.

Walter Lippmann

Saturday, 30 November, 2002, 11:20 GMT 
Cuba remembers Churchill legacy

Churchill: Cuba always on his lips
By Stephen Gibbs 
BBC correspondent in Havana  

An exhibition is taking place this weekend in Havana
commemorating the former British Prime Minister Winston
Churchill's links with Cuba.

Sir Winston visited the island twice, and also had a
legendary affection for Cuba cigars - once saying that Cuba
was always on his lips.

Anti-communist Churchill is now celebrated by Castro's Cuba

On display there are old letters and sketches penned by a
young Winston in 1895.

He had come to Cuba as a reporter to observe the War of
Independence here.

He visited again as a victorious war leader in 1946, by
then chewing on his trademark Cuban cigar.

Smoking advertisement

The exhibition is being opened by Churchill's granddaughter
Celia Sandys.

She sees no problem in one obvious irony: the fact that
Cuba, now a communist state, celebrates her anti-communist

"My grandfather's legacy transcends national politics and
boundaries, and people regard him as a great leader and
someone to be admired and therefore they are not looking
into these details, they are looking at the greater
picture," she said.

And whatever his politics, Sir Winston remains something of
a hero in Cuba for his phenomenal consumption of Cuban

He smoked around 9 a day for most of his life.

Advertising may be banned here, but Sir Winston is the best
advertisement there has ever been for Cuba's most famous

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