[Marxism] Wal-Mart Democracy

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Tue Aug 10 21:45:02 MDT 2004

Here's a clip from the Gazatte (Aug. 8, 2004:

Only two McDonald's restaurants in Canada ever operated as a union 
shop - the longest for one year.

The most recent was an outlet in Rawdon, where workers 
represented by the Confederation des syndicats nationaux negotiated 
a first contract in April 2001. But the following August, with two 
months left in the collective agreement, their accreditation was 

The CSN succeeded in November 2000 to win accreditation at the Peel 
St. outlet in downtown Montreal. Management announced the following 
April, however, it was closing in August, claiming an excessive rent hike.

I was in Montreal when they closed the union McDonalds.  Management 
claimesd economic loss.

Even if the laws favor the workers, over similar laws in the U.S., it is thew 
relative strength of the workers and the company that determines the 
outcome of the struggle, in the final result.

The favorable laws in Canada (and Quebec) testify to the strength of the 
labor movement there.  That the workers in Jonquière were able to win 
recognition is a victory for them, a testimony to their strength and an 
encouragement to workers throughout North America.

Now they have to get a contract.  And it would be good to figure out how 
we can help.


On 10 Aug 04, at 14:45, David Quarter wrote:

> Date sent:      	Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:52:43 -0700
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> > 
> > | Quebec law forbids a company from closing a location to block a union |
> > contract.
> > 
> > 
> > I don't think you are right about this. I recall a successful
> > certification drive a few years ago of a McDonalds outlet in Montreal and
> > US headquarters (I assume) simply closed to location to put an end to such
> > a union.
> That's 100% true. It's possible that labour laws has changed since 
> then. 

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