[Marxism] Re: Quoting Winston Churchill

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 11 07:38:28 MDT 2004

Brian Shannon wrote:
> An appropriate quote could have come from Frederick Douglass or Debs and 
> hundreds of others.
> Regarding tone, which is what this is about, Camejo does a lot of this 
> too. It is hard to overlook his past pandering to Bustamonte and others. 
> Fortunately he seems to have certain political positions beyond which he 
> will not go. And I agree that it is important to present radical ideas 
> without appearing like a "nut."

With all the attention being paid to Tariq Ali's spindoctoring for the 
ABB crowd (the two-bit DP hustlers Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen were 
quick to pick up on his remarks and disseminate them on Common Dreams), 
it is interesting to note that not every Mandelista Fourth International 
alumni from the New Left Review editorial board thinks like this. In the 
latest print edition of Counterpunch that arrived in my mailbox last 
night, there's a longish piece by Robin Blackburn that states that if 
voters in other countries could participate in the USA elections that 
Nader would win hands-down. That being said, Blackburn has some sharp 
criticisms of the Nader-Camejo campaign as being too mainstream. Since 
it has already been categorized as extremist, why not go whole hog and 
push for some really radical demands? Makes sense to me.


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